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The science paper viewed 2.2 million times. "Why Most Published Research Findings Are False."
- Wednesday Jul 26 - 5:42pm

Decoding Motor Neurone Disease
- Wednesday Jul 26 - 10:51am

Measuring Innovation
- Tuesday Jul 25 - 2:23pm

Brazilian Amazon NGO's such as FAS proved this proposition years ago
- Sunday Jul 23 - 8:18pm

Is economics the dangerous new astrology? Dubious models that triggered 2008 crash were "fools' gold".
- Sunday Jul 23 - 8:17pm

The Appliance of Science for “Industry 4.0”

Brasília's Ministries: erratic funding and uncertain future for science.

Brazil’s industrial heartland is making a determined push to escape from the “rich commodity producers’ poverty trap” by expanding its engineering and high technology capacity, creating new opportunities for researchers. Playing catch-up in order to climb aboard the “fourth industrial revolution” (known as Industry 4.0) now sweeping the world with the help of advanced manufacturing   …Continue Reading

Zika: From Godzilla to “Science can fix it.”

Aedes Aegyptii mosquito  responsible for a trio of infectious diseases

It has been called “the Godzilla of infections,” a virus that attacks only the most vulnerable of humankind – unborn children in the womb. Once born, these same children face a limited life of neurological challenges caused by microcephaly or diminished skull size. No wonder the Zika virus, which burst upon the world stage one   …Continue Reading

Amazonia’s answer to the ‘Ozone Hole’

Towering observations: Amazon towers like this one are basis for  studying how the forest  affects weather.

Over three decades ago, the existence of an “Ozone Hole” above the Antarctic caused scientists to start fretting about the effects of man-made gases, eventually resulting in the Montreal Protocol that banned the use of CFCs responsible for ozone depletion. Today there’s a whole new focus of concern about ozone and the volatile gases responsible   …Continue Reading