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Sensory chip targets dengue fever outbreak
- Friday Apr 28 - 1:21pm

Race for Horizon 2020 Research Funding
- Wednesday Apr 26 - 11:17am

Filtering the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
- Wednesday Apr 26 - 8:57am

Thought Donald Trump's budget cuts for science research in US would hard to beat? Check this out.
- Tuesday Apr 25 - 11:44am

Frugal Science in the Age of Constraint.
- Monday Apr 24 - 6:40pm
- Saturday Apr 8 - 1:43am
- Monday Mar 20 - 2:02am

Filtering the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Filtering unwanted video pornography benefits billions of  mobile phone users.

An IT innovation  from Brazil that reliably filters out unsolicited pornography  videos from web and social-media. An artificial intelligence application developed by Brazilian computer scientists has begun to combat the plague of pornographic junk mail and obscene videos besieging billions of mobile phone users around the world. Samsung, one of the world’s top mobile   …Continue Reading

The Rio Negro Sketchbook

Laura Workshop poster small

Who says art and science are entirely separate disciplines? We care about what we see — and the more closely we observe, the more we understand. And there’s no better way of  observing closely than through creating art. And what we create, we care for. So any scientific endeavour involving conservation, species diversity or habitat   …Continue Reading

Amazonia unites art, education and conservation.

Jaguar by Laura House

Science for Brazil is celebrating three years of editorial operations, and during this time we’ve described every aspect of Brazil-related scientific endeavour – except our own. Now it’s time to tell you what we ourselves are actively doing to help protect Brazil’s astonishing biodiversity and help everyone to better understand its rich yet fragile Amazon   …Continue Reading