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NPR columnist says Brazil leads US on one field at least -- cutting science budgets.
- Friday Dec 15 - 6:02pm

My week on Twitter 🎉: 1 Mention, 4.27K Mention Reach, 1 Like, 6 Tweets. See yours with
- Thursday Dec 14 - 8:00pm

The global middle class is getting stuffed, while the richest 1% ride rampant. And nowhere more than in Brazil. Her…
- Thursday Dec 14 - 12:37pm

Creating intellectual property to benefit shareholders isn't the best way of creating new drugs that cure people. S…
- Monday Dec 11 - 5:53pm

European study shows ban on bee-killing pesticides (still permitted in Brazil) actually increased farm crop yields.
- Friday Dec 8 - 12:53pm

Scientist puts venture capitalists under microscope

Call for transparency:  Brazil's Venture Capital industry  goes under  the microscope. Photo Creative  Commons.

Private Equity Bay (Pebay): It’s normal for scientific research and business to inhabit parallel but quite distinct worlds, with investors only showing much interest in innovators once they’ve developed marketable products. Many a would-be scientist entrepreneur has waited nervously for a venture capitalist to “run the slide rule” over his or her ideas. But now   …Continue Reading

Brazilian Biofuels ‘to cut global CO2 emissions by 5%’

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 13.27.51

Brazil’s world-leading ethanol fuel industry has the potential to substitute almost 14% of global oil consumption, in the process reducing global emissions of carbon dioxide by as much as 5.6% by 2045, so breathing new life into the race to meet the climate change targets laid down in the Paris Climate Accords. The forecast comes   …Continue Reading

Postgraduate job market looks to startups

The real cherries in Brazil's  job market are found at high tech startups. Foto SFB

Brazil might be enjoying the dubious privilege of a “full employment recession,” yet two years into its worst-ever economic downturn, the creation of new high-quality jobs remains a priority in an economy where unskilled posts in industry or agriculture have traditionally predominated. Startups play a significant role in creating value-added employment opportunities for the more   …Continue Reading