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My week on Twitter 🎉: 3 Likes, 1 New Follower. See yours with
- Thursday Apr 19 - 7:01pm

@michaelreid52 The Orban/Zeman/Duda rightist recipe is apt for E Europe's failed colour revolutions, but won't wash…
- Monday Apr 16 - 11:22am

Brazilian agribusiness lobby in congress takes a chainsaw to environmental protection laws with radical rethink aff…
- Friday Apr 13 - 7:37pm

Que Horas Ela Chega? When the servants' children snag university places from bourgeois princelings, Brazil politic…
- Friday Apr 13 - 7:25pm

Gene editing: the next big thing for Microsoft's Bill Gates, and potential solution for mosquito-born disease.
- Friday Apr 13 - 11:29am

@SamCowie84 See legal chitchat below: Alckimin probably still has overhang immunity - he wouldn't be running otherw…
- Thursday Apr 12 - 1:26pm

Lost Amazon villages uncovered by archaeologists
- Friday Mar 30 - 11:09pm

Nudging Big Pharma’s Tropical Neglect

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 18.13.12

When will profits-hungry drug companies finally widen their attention from treating complex lifestyle-related diseases affecting citizens in wealthy countries, to the technically simpler task of curing infectious diseases threatening billions of poorer people in the developing world? Never – if you believe the liberal media or some NGOs that regularly lambaste listed pharmaceutical   …Continue Reading

Genetic factors behind Zika scourge revealed

Aedes Aegyptii mosquito  responsible for a trio of infectious diseases

For a disease newly-established in popular consciousness through a rash of newspaper headlines by turns plaintive or horrifying, there are hopeful reasons to believe that in epidemiological terms, the reign of the Zika virus will be short-lived and its range limited. New research shows that, contrary to early assumptions that vulnerability to Zika was linked   …Continue Reading

Legal Framework promises to slash R&D impediments

Brasília's Ministries: erratic funding and uncertain future for science.

Brazil’s federal government is making yet one more attempt to cut through the bewildering ticket of protectionist and outdated laws whose effect is to prevent academics working for publicly-funded research bodies from seeing their innovations ever being adopted by industry, or profiting from them. At the same time legal uncertainties mean that private enterprise has   …Continue Reading