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Damning report blasts Amazon dams.
- Saturday Jun 17 - 6:54am

Follow the money ... one opening horizon for scientific researchers in Brazil is the energy industry.
- Tuesday Jun 13 - 8:45am

New Energy for Oil and Gas Futures
- Tuesday Jun 13 - 7:44am

Carwars: São Paulo seniors forced off street crossings.

Red, Green .. and race away. São Paulo's stoplights too speedy for   city seniors.

You can always measure the metaphorical speed at which a city lives by measuring the time it takes for the impatient driver behind you to start hooting when the lights turn green. In São Paulo. Latin America’s largest, most car-congested and frenetic metropolis, the horns start honking when the traffic lights are still – just   …Continue Reading

“G Force” Transforms the Drugs Industry

Generics: 25% of  Brazil's drug market now "look-alikes."

Visitors to Brazil’s ubiquitous pharmacies – there seems to be one on each street corner of even the smallest town – will know that whatever the drug cited on their prescription, the sales assistant is likely to suggest a rival medication that “works much better.” Often, packaging on the proposed substitute drug bears a yellow   …Continue Reading

Scientists warn of ‘Brazilian brain drain.’

Dramatic cuts in Brazil’s state funding for scientific research threaten to simulate an exodus of scientists, leading to a significant “brain drain” as native talent heads elsewhere. This year’s 44% budget cut for the Ministry of Communications, Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTIC) is already leading to an “expulsion” of researchers whose future is threatened, according   …Continue Reading