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Brazil's cash-strapped research funding agency Finep does the splits. (PT)
- Wednesday Aug 23 - 2:16pm

Biodiversity conservation gaps in the Brazilian protected areas | Scientific Reports
- Wednesday Aug 23 - 2:12pm

Making the Smart City Liveable
- Wednesday Aug 23 - 9:54am

Cancer: Explaining RT cell survivors

Elekta linear accelerator RT machine. Photo Wikimedia

Brazilian scientists are making progress with solving a problem that has long frustrated oncologists: after cancerous tumours in patients are subjected to radiotherapy, not all the mutated cells die. In fact some surviving cells exhibit accelerated growth despite the absence of visible irritation, so negating the beneficial effects of radiotherapy. Now, a group of immunologists   …Continue Reading

Measuring Innovation

Making São Paulo more liveable

Innovation transforms pure science into relative economic and societal advantage around the world. Not just in countries, but in regions too. It defines today’s and tomorrow’s cities of success. So how do you measure innovation? Is it by the number of patents for new ideas a country or region registers with international gatekeepers? Is it   …Continue Reading

The Appliance of Science for “Industry 4.0”

Brasília's Ministries: erratic funding and uncertain future for science.

Brazil’s industrial heartland is making a determined push to escape from the “rich commodity producers’ poverty trap” by expanding its engineering and high technology capacity, creating new opportunities for researchers. Playing catch-up in order to climb aboard the “fourth industrial revolution” (known as Industry 4.0) now sweeping the world with the help of advanced manufacturing   …Continue Reading