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Levitation Science: not just Putin's polls holding up despite economic crisis and scandal: check out Brazil's leader.
- Thursday Dec 18 - 11:50am

Don't forget me Santa! Great selection of Christmas science books by @GrrlScientist
- Thursday Dec 18 - 11:25am

A Brief History of Mud - and how it reveals 6,500 years of weather changes in South America.
- Thursday Dec 18 - 11:09am

Brazilian business Natura is sustainable - and has the paperwork to prove it.
- Thursday Dec 18 - 9:06am

Short term postgrad posting at University of London's Institute of Education for Braziians (PT)
- Wednesday Dec 17 - 5:48pm

Guidelines for UK research investment 2016-2021: excellence, agility, collaboration, place and openness. Not bad .
- Wednesday Dec 17 - 5:31pm

Biocontrols against African Invader

African invader does US$5 billion in damage worldwide.

An insect pest named the cotton bollworm that originated in Africa, is causing havoc with crops in Brazil, prompting a nation that’s already a significant user of pesticides, to find novel means of eradicating the alien intruder. The cotton bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera, is known in Asia, Europe and the Pacific. Globally it does around US$5   …Continue Reading

Rainmakers Wanted

Mud 1

Tucked somewhere between the regional handicraft items and Amazonian Indian artifacts on view in Brazil’s better tourist shops, you will find the Pau de Chuva. This “Rain Stick” looks like any other fat walking stick, until you pick it up and shake it. Then, a pleasing mellifluous rustle is heard as hundreds of tiny shells   …Continue Reading

EU ACCESS for research jobs

Euraxess 2

New academic opportunities in Brazil are gaining greater impact by being displayed on the European Commission’s EURAXESS “Researchers in Motion” online jobs portal, regularly visited by scientists from more than 40 countries. EURAXESS was originally designed as a European Research Area (ERA) initiative providing access to a complete range of information and support services for   …Continue Reading