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Fancy talking to your avatar?
- Friday Nov 21 - 11:10am

China closes its markets to corn and by-products from GMO seed grown in the US. Will this affect Brazil's corn too?
- Thursday Nov 20 - 6:22pm

Self-recycling plastic!
- Thursday Nov 20 - 1:11pm

GMO algae with turbocharged rate of photosynthesis could transform biofuels industry , say Brazilian reserachers.
- Wednesday Nov 19 - 4:41pm

National Geographic @ngbrasil symposium takes a close look at Brazil's energy future. @BrazilEmbassyUK.
- Wednesday Nov 19 - 1:40pm

Brazilian Science in California


Brazilian scientists and their US counterparts are presenting new research on themes ranging through Society, New Materials Health, Energy and Climate Change, at the University of California’s Berkeley and Davis centers during a weeklong symposium 17th-21st November. The California event follows a similar meeting held  during October in Washington, also sponsored by the São Paulo   …Continue Reading

Save People to Save Trees

'Palafita'  shantytowns in Amazon: picturesque but chaotic

The ragged army of Haitian, Senegalese, Nigerian and Bangladeshi refugees sweltering in their temporary shelters in the small Brazilian border town of Brasileia, provides a stark and poignant reminder of the chaotic and unsustainable occupation now threatening Brazil’s Amazon basin. While scientists and climatologists probe the rainforest’s more esoteric mysteries and conservationists seek to protect   …Continue Reading

Political Science: Brazilian elections result

Lula and Dilma

Brazil’s leftist incumbent president Dilma Rousseff’s won re-election in a bitterly contested poll October 26th. Against a backdrop of 20 percent voter  abstention and an angry, divisive campaign, her 3% margin does not constitute a true popular mandate for the bold changes she has promised for her second term. The result of  recent congressional and    …Continue Reading