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"Dengue's Cousin" Makes First Independent Appearance in Brazil - #GoogleAlerts
- Thursday Sep 18 - 1:42pm

"IPCC of biodiversity" IPBES tells Brazil conference of its plans to complete map of global challenges by 2018 (PT)
- Thursday Sep 18 - 11:11am

Brightest young things. Are these role models for Latin America's aspirant scientists to follow?
- Thursday Sep 18 - 9:32am

Top scientist warns Amazon could become empoverished savannah.
- Thursday Sep 18 - 9:29am

Lies, cheating and plagiarism are now established feature of global scientific landscape, warns expert.
- Thursday Sep 18 - 9:28am

BRIC urbanisation and economics under microscope in this fascinating IIED report
- Wednesday Sep 17 - 9:01am

Brazilian Science in Germany

Strong ties between São Paulo and  Free State of Bavaria.

Leading academics from Brazil will be travelling to Munich, 15th-17th October for a scientific symposium connecting them with counterparts from Germany, to promote collaboration in research topics relevant to both countries. Qualified research academics can find out more about the event by clicking here to register to attend and clicking here to review the   …Continue Reading

‘Nobel Maths Prize’ for Brazilian

Artur Avila

Young Brazilian mathematician Artur Avila is one of the four 2014 recipients of the prestigious Fields Prize – recognized by academics as the equivalent  of a Nobel Prize. It is awarded by the International Mathematical Union and the winners were announced 13th August. Paris-based Dr Avila, who is director of research at the  CNRS   …Continue Reading

Brazil Shows UK its “Living Amazon Laboratory”

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Brazilian science and technology took centre stage at one of the world’s leading public galleries during July, when London’s Science Museum staged a special exhibit of all things Brazilian to catch the uplift in popular interest generated by the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The free-access Science Museum attracts almost three million visitors a year and   …Continue Reading