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- Saturday Apr 8 - 1:43am
- Monday Mar 20 - 2:02am

Brazil's women scientists are doing really well, Elsevier study finds.
- Monday Mar 13 - 7:22am

Hats off to the "World Bank of Bribery". Is Brazilian company's US$3.4 billion backhander a world record?
- Wednesday Mar 8 - 10:04am

Amazonia unites art, education and conservation.

Jaguar by Laura House

Science for Brazil is celebrating three years of editorial operations, and during this time we’ve described every aspect of Brazil-related scientific endeavour – except our own. Now it’s time to tell you what we ourselves are actively doing to help protect Brazil’s astonishing biodiversity and help everyone to better understand its rich yet fragile Amazon   …Continue Reading

Silver Lining to Brazil’s Mining Pollution Cloud


For a nation that’s justifiably proud of hosting 20% of the world’s biodiversity, Brazil is coming to terms with a man-made environmental disaster that has all but eradicated biodiversity along the valley of the Rio Doce, a river flowing 500km from the heartland state of Minas Gerais to the Atlantic seaboard. The baroque, colonial era   …Continue Reading

Order and Progress

If scientists can  predict and discover the Higgs Boson,  could they help organise politics too?

Essay Scientists are angry with Brasilia’s federal government. So is much of society. Fear,  anxiety and frustration are the daily companions of tens of millions. Cynicism and disengagement are commonplace among ordinary Brazilians. No matter how you look at it, the slow-motion breakdown of Brazil’s system of democratic governance shows its politicians are in urgent   …Continue Reading