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Less pollution = more work done in Mexico City. Latin America's megacities need a makeover!
- Wednesday Oct 29 - 9:43am

Pope calls Darwin right on evolution. So where does that leave Creationists?
- Wednesday Oct 29 - 9:37am

Game theory: How third party ownership is blighting world football and has piled up huge debts for Brazilian clobs.
- Wednesday Oct 29 - 1:12am

Brazil joins rancourous ranks of polarized democracies, imitating US parties' standoff .
- Monday Oct 27 - 8:17pm

Climate scientists preparing for December IPCC meeting in Peru. @BloombergNews
- Monday Oct 27 - 8:10pm

Brazilian cosmetics giant Natura seeking scientists to develop prototype personal hygiene solutions.
- Monday Oct 27 - 2:03pm

The Science of ‘Livable São Paulo’

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 08.57.45

Whether or not their subject is human geography, development economics or sociology, urban complexity is a subject close to home for scientists making their way to and from laboratories or institutes located across the sprawling city of São Paulo. As a super-conurbation of 19 million people with an inner city population of 11.4 million, São   …Continue Reading

Cheating Brazilian Scientists Exposed

Five Brazilian scientists have been “named and shamed” for plagiarism, falsification of data and poor academic conduct by the funding agency that supported their research. The result of an investigation by the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) was published on its website 7th October. You can read more (in Portuguese) by clicking here. This   …Continue Reading

Climate scientists face off for ‘forest fistfight’

Nadine Unger's article sparks "forest fire."

Brazilian scientists are playing a leading role in contesting the controversial claims made in a strongly “climate change skeptic” article published by Nature, which alleges that 150 years of human-induced land changes including deforestation and an increase of arable land area, has actually helped to cool the planet, rather than warm it up. The author’s   …Continue Reading