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Economics: 50 years on, import substitution policies of Raul Prebisch still hamstring Brazil's export potential.
- Thursday Jan 22 - 7:47pm

Brazil's Amazonians: are they vendors of tourist tat or eco-savvy entrepreneurs?
- Thursday Jan 22 - 9:35am

Climate Change: "I know a lot of good scientists," says Obama: "And this is what they're telling me."
- Wednesday Jan 21 - 12:30pm

New species of marine invertebrates called bryozoans found on southern Brazil's holiday coastline.
- Wednesday Jan 21 - 9:42am

New Scientific Research Chief

From Chile to Brazil: a top science policy administrator's  posting

A biochemist from Chile with an active career in science policy management at universities in São Paulo, has been named as the new head of Brazil’s federal research funding agency CNPq. Hernan Chaimovich’s appointment as president of CNPq (Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPq) in Brasilia, has been welcomed by scientists, thanks in   …Continue Reading

Aldo Rebelo: Bark or Bite?

rebelo 2

Scientists and foreign observers are puzzling over the seemingly-incongruous choice of a climate change skeptic with a stridently nationalist technology agenda, as Brazil’s new Science Minister. Since January the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation has been headed by veteran leftist Aldo Rebelo. The marks a significant shift after years during which the portfolio was   …Continue Reading

São Paulo’s ‘Sky River’ runs dry.


Summer has come and  at long last it’s raining heavily in densely populated southern Brazil  and its biggest city São Paulo — but not enough to dispel effects of a long-lasting drought that has exasperated  city-dwellers, worried farmers – and caught politicians and planners on the back foot.  These two videos explain why  changes in   …Continue Reading