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UK Newton Fund update on Brazilian partner research requirements for visiting scientists
- Wednesday Aug 20 - 10:44am

Brazilian astronomers peer into hidden depths of immense Eta Carinae solar mass.
- Wednesday Aug 20 - 10:15am

First contact made with Ashaninka Amerindian tribe on Brazil-Peru border.
- Wednesday Aug 20 - 10:12am

Brazil "exporting" smoke pollution from its Amazonia deforestation to Latin neighbours.
- Wednesday Aug 20 - 10:10am

Nothing became Brazil's former science minister and late presidential candidate like his own highly emotive funeral.
- Tuesday Aug 19 - 6:30pm

High-impact scientists a rarity in emerging countries, and Brazil no exception to this rule.
- Tuesday Aug 19 - 12:37pm

Brazil Shows UK its “Living Amazon Laboratory”

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Brazilian science and technology took centre stage at one of the world’s leading public galleries during July, when London’s Science Museum staged a special exhibit of all things Brazilian to catch the uplift in popular interest generated by the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The free-access Science Museum attracts almost three million visitors a year and   …Continue Reading

Celso Lafer named ‘Doctor of the University’ in Birmingham

The president of Brazil’s Research Council for the State of São Paulo (FAPESP), Celso Lafer, received the title of Doctor of the University by the University of Birmingham. Lafer was recognized for his leadership in promoting cooperation in scientific research. Under his presidency, FAPESP has become an increasingly important international player in research funding and   …Continue Reading

Science Seeking Sport’s Reflected Glory


Football takes centre stage in the global imagination as the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil dominates the airwaves. But this spectacle generates a broad halo of media attention, offering walk-on parts and supporting roles for science as well as sport. The hunt for football’s reflected glory explains why prestigious science publication Nature has dedicated   …Continue Reading