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Norway to Axe Forest Funds.
- Tuesday Jun 27 - 5:29pm

Gender: Brazil's women make up 49% of researcher population. (PT)
- Saturday Jun 24 - 6:55am

S America could harbour bat-borne pandemic diseases.
- Saturday Jun 24 - 6:48am

Amazonia’s answer to the ‘Ozone Hole’

Towering observations: Amazon towers like this one are basis for  studying how the forest  affects weather.

Over three decades ago, the existence of an “Ozone Hole” above the Antarctic caused scientists to start fretting about the effects of man-made gases, eventually resulting in the Montreal Protocol that banned the use of CFCs responsible for ozone depletion. Today there’s a whole new focus of concern about ozone and the volatile gases responsible   …Continue Reading

Carwars: São Paulo seniors forced off street crossings.

Red, Green .. and race away. São Paulo's stoplights too speedy for   city seniors.

You can always measure the metaphorical speed at which a city lives by measuring the time it takes for the impatient driver behind you to start hooting when the lights turn green. In São Paulo. Latin America’s largest, most car-congested and frenetic metropolis, the horns start honking when the traffic lights are still – just   …Continue Reading

“G Force” Transforms the Drugs Industry

Generics: 25% of  Brazil's drug market now "look-alikes."

Visitors to Brazil’s ubiquitous pharmacies – there seems to be one on each street corner of even the smallest town – will know that whatever the drug cited on their prescription, the sales assistant is likely to suggest a rival medication that “works much better.” Often, packaging on the proposed substitute drug bears a yellow   …Continue Reading