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Study finds the tipping point 'where rapid melting of ice and further warming may become irreversible'
- Friday Jul 25 - 12:02pm

Is there such a thing as Throw Back Friday? Go South, young scientist! #stillvalid @TheEconomist
- Friday Jul 25 - 9:14am

How did it go undetected for so long? Scientists discover a new virus living in the gut bacteria of 1/2 the world
- Friday Jul 25 - 7:56am

Great Barrier Reef in 'worst state since records began'
- Thursday Jul 24 - 10:02am

Science of jealousy: can we compare humans to dogs at all? via @nytimesscience
- Thursday Jul 24 - 9:48am

Experiment demonstrates decay of the Higgs boson in components of matter
- Thursday Jul 24 - 9:26am

Brazil + US scientists to start human trials of synthetic molecule that could help treat heart failure.
- Wednesday Jul 23 - 12:38pm

Celso Lafer named ‘Doctor of the University’ in Birmingham

The president of Brazil’s Research Council for the State of São Paulo (FAPESP), Celso Lafer, received the title of Doctor of the University by the University of Birmingham. Lafer was recognized for his leadership in promoting cooperation in scientific research. Under his presidency, FAPESP has become an increasingly important international player in research funding and   …Continue Reading

São Paulo: Sick Megacity


Scientists are at last discovering what São Paulo residents have long known instinctively – urban stresses from the exasperating yet invigorating lifestyle of this south American megacity can drive you mad, as well as making you ill. So if foreign visitors coming to the pollution-girt skyscrapers, gnarly traffic and gritty pavement life of São Paulo   …Continue Reading

SPRINT Toward Knowledge Society

Green shoots for  São Paulo research budgets

Scientists in Brazil are taking a definite step toward collaboration with their international peers, thanks to a new programme designed to promote the advancement of scientific research. The SPRINT programme (São Paulo Researchers in International Collaboration, teams up scientists at research institutions in Brazil’s most economically advanced state, with overseas colleagues. You can   …Continue Reading