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Brazil adopts new legal framework for biodiversity-based research
- Friday May 29 - 9:34am

Brazil's dry winter season approaches - and metropolitan São Paulo drought threat looms once more.
- Wednesday May 27 - 9:01am

American Society iof Naturalists to hold Evolution 2015 meeting in Guaruja, Brazil, 26-30 June.
- Wednesday May 27 - 8:36am

At 20% jobless, @FGVBrazil Brazil scores badly on NEETs too.
- Wednesday May 27 - 8:22am

The latest mix of the Amazon, hyrdodams and Amerindians - always an emotive combination.
- Wednesday May 27 - 8:19am

“Beautiful Mind” visited Brazil
- Tuesday May 26 - 9:58am

“Beautiful Mind” Visited Brazil

"Beautiful Mind" John Nash visited Brazil in 2014
Photo: Nobel

Nobel Prize-winning mathematician John Nash, who died in a road accident 24th May, visited Brazil in  July 2014 for a mathematical conference and gave one of the last interviews of his life in São Paulo. US mathematician John Nash, 86, who inspired the Oscar-winning film A Beautiful Mind,  died together with his wife when their   …Continue Reading

UK Award for Brazilian Science Leader

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 16.36.09

The growing importance of scientific links between the UK and Brazil has been recognized with an award to the senior policymaker and administrator who has done most to bring scientists in the two countries together. Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz, science director of the São Paulo Research Foundation was awarded an OBE medal by Britain’s   …Continue Reading

‘Biopiracy’ Law Relaxed


Brazil has moved to relax a draconian 15-year old law against “biopiracy” that had the unintended consequence of halting much international research into the plant-based biodiversity of Latin America’s largest nation. Nationalist sensitivity and excessive bureaucracy have been slowing down Brazil’s ability to harness its own rich biodiversity, while indigenous communities – supposed to benefit   …Continue Reading