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Farmers’ Hi-Tech Eye in the Sky
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Diamond Class Innovation
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Electronic Whiteboard for Soccer Coaches
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Farmers’ Hi-Tech Eye in the Sky

Manta -ray styled Arator drone for  agricultural mapping. Photo XMobots.

XMobots: For a nation of continental dimensions with poor roads or land communications but extensive agriculture, mining and energy infrastructure projects, drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are the natural choice for cost-effective monitoring across Brazil. For instance, geologists and environmental consultants charged with measuring and monitoring US$13.4 billion worth of ecological damage to the   …Continue Reading

Diamond Class Innovation

Diamonds 1

CVDVale: A world leader in diamond production during the 17th and 18th centuries, for well over a century Brazil has languished far behind the mines of Africa. Although a resurgence of natural diamond mining is unlikely, innovative production of synthetic diamonds for use in the dental health, oil, mining and automotive industries could now bring   …Continue Reading

“Mighty Mites” for natural crop protection

Promip lab where  100 million  predators are bred each moth ( foto FAPESP)

Promip Crop protection using biological controls – employing predatory insects, viruses or fungi to attack any pests responsible for lower farming yields – is a decades-old strategy well known around the world and in Brazil. A recent count showed around 70 bio-control companies are active in Brazil, offering farmers access to at least 12 macro-organisms   …Continue Reading