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3 minutes of fame for young scientists: join Famelab in Brazil.
- Friday Jan 19 - 7:06am

My week on Twitter 🎉: 1 Mention, 5 Likes, 1 Reply, 11 Tweets. See yours with
- Thursday Jan 18 - 8:00pm

Brazil enters cancer drug research.
- Wednesday Jan 17 - 4:36pm

Brazil's marketers branding agroindustrial exports as "hi-tech and sophisticated" yet they degrade environment and…
- Tuesday Jan 16 - 11:13am

Brazil's outlier University of São Paulo may have dropped to 250-300 in THE's World University rankings, but it's s…
- Tuesday Jan 16 - 11:03am

Let's hear it for the Latino allotment movement. If European gardeners can make greener cities, why not La Paz, Bs…
- Tuesday Jan 16 - 9:36am

Brazil enters advanced cancer drug research.

Almost all kinase structures contunue largely unresearched

Aché Pharmaceutical: Brazil is taking early steps that should cause it to rise up the world’s cancer research rankings, thanks to a joint initiative between its leading commercial pharmaceutical company and a highly innovative drug discovery consortium. The very first fruits of Brazil’s new collaboration are now visible. Newly-published research into human kinase proteins associated   …Continue Reading

Does Brazil hold keys to global “Plant Plague”?

Brazilian oranges affected by CVC citrus  blight  could hold  keys of Europe's olive leaf scorch.

A sinister plant disease with the power to destroy farmers’ livelihoods named “the Ebola of olive trees”  is on the march across Europe during 2018; yet the same bacteria could for decades have been affecting coffee plantations, orange groves and other high value crops in Latin America. In fact some of the science now needed   …Continue Reading

Biopiracy fear incites Pharma “Dutch Disease”

"Drogas do Sertão" were precursors of medical trade

It’s been half a millennium since European visitors first came to Brazil, in pursuit of its mineral and agricultural riches. Jesuit missionaries also discovered huge wealth in the “drogas do sertão” or back-country remedies such as sarsaparilla, guaraná, or urucum, all widely used in early medicine. Fears that foreign “biopirates” were stealing these riches –   …Continue Reading