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No Brazilian universities make ranking of new global challengers set to overtake Harvard and Cambridge
- Sunday Jul 16 - 7:00pm

Down but not out: São Paulo university still in top tier of World University Rankings | THE
- Sunday Jul 16 - 6:58pm

BBC thinks Brazil's messy politics aren't a cock-up, but a conspiracy hatched by legal eagles. (PT)
- Saturday Jul 15 - 8:27am

Going on a diet is good for you -- and for the molecules that make up you. Here's the science to prove it.
- Wednesday Jul 12 - 10:26am

"Physician heal thyself": Research inside the brains of doctors as they diagnose diseases in patients.
- Wednesday Jul 12 - 10:24am

The Appliance of Science for “Industry 4.0”

Brasília's Ministries: erratic funding and uncertain future for science.

Brazil’s industrial heartland is making a determined push to escape from the “rich commodity producers’ poverty trap” by expanding its engineering and high technology capacity, creating new opportunities for researchers. Playing catch-up in order to climb aboard the “fourth industrial revolution” (known as Industry 4.0) now sweeping the world with the help of advanced manufacturing   …Continue Reading

Amazonia’s answer to the ‘Ozone Hole’

Towering observations: Amazon towers like this one are basis for  studying how the forest  affects weather.

Over three decades ago, the existence of an “Ozone Hole” above the Antarctic caused scientists to start fretting about the effects of man-made gases, eventually resulting in the Montreal Protocol that banned the use of CFCs responsible for ozone depletion. Today there’s a whole new focus of concern about ozone and the volatile gases responsible   …Continue Reading

New Energy for Oil and Gas Futures

ship shell

Now it has become a major oil and gas producer, Brazil is hosting a new generation of research activities to optimize carbon-based energy use, with an eye to both sustainability and economic efficiency. A number of research bases sponsored by the oil majors have sprung up in recent years, of which the latest is the   …Continue Reading