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Biometric markers for identification
- Wednesday Sep 20 - 12:05pm

Mobile Phones Deliver Smart Ophthalmology.
- Wednesday Sep 20 - 12:00pm

Silver turns gold for novel food packaging
- Wednesday Sep 20 - 11:58am

Bovine Biotech delivers $22 million payout
- Wednesday Sep 20 - 11:55am

Balloons bring ‘internet of things’ to remote areas
- Wednesday Sep 20 - 11:54am

Brazil’s startup grants no PIPE-dream for innovators.
- Wednesday Sep 20 - 11:48am

Rock in Rio and Conservation International planting 73 million trees in Amazon (PT)
- Tuesday Sep 19 - 1:08pm

Biometric markers for identification


Griaule Cost-effective identification systems based on biometric information are in demand for developing nations, especially when it comes to voter identification and even providing security for the parents of newborn infants or government conditional cash transfer programmes. The common link is that such systems don’t require users to write or to memorize a password, but   …Continue Reading

Bovine Biotech delivers $22 million payout

Funding a national champion for meat   exports come at a price - as teh government discovered with JBS  has

In Vitro Brasil In the world of innovative startup companies, there’s no greater proof of business maturity than a successful trade sale to international investors – a multi-million dollar feat achieved so far by just a tiny handful of Brazil’s scientist-entrepreneurs. Notable among these is In Vitro Brasil, a high-tech bovine embryo business servicing the   …Continue Reading

Balloons bring ‘internet of things’ to remote areas

Captive balloons  bring internet connectivity to remote area. Photo by FAPESP.

Altave Captive balloons tethered around 200m above ground transmitting broadband signals are a cost-effective solution for areas without internet coverage – whether due to natural disasters in developing nations, remoteness or just low population density. Internet-based telemetry in uninhabited areas (or the ‘internet of things’) is vital for many activities – including agribusiness and forestry,   …Continue Reading