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Reasons why US researchers detained Brazilian Yanomami indian blood samples for decades.
- Saturday Apr 18 - 4:11pm

Rowed to ruin - pollution and oxygen starvation poison tonnes of fish in Rio's Olympic rowing venue.
- Friday Apr 17 - 6:31pm

"Biofuels Bible" launched in Brazil says renewables will deliver 25% of world's energy by 2050 (PT)
- Friday Apr 17 - 6:43am

"Good Bacteria Fight Bad Bacteria" is the new way to preserve food, Brazilian researchers find.
- Thursday Apr 16 - 3:10pm

World's largest cosmic-ray observatory selects upgrade proposal
- Thursday Apr 16 - 3:07pm

Sirius light syncrotron will help attract foreign researchers to Brazil
- Thursday Apr 16 - 3:07pm

Amazon Deforestation: Turning of the Tide?

Nature's Amazon discovery: Destruction is down

Nature has offered up handsome praise for the Brazilian government’s efforts to protect the Amazon from deforestation, in a series of reports that chart the downward spiral illegal of forest clearance in the official statistics. In an editorial entitled “Tree Cheers”, Nature says that deforestation is not an unstoppable process and that: “Brazil proved   …Continue Reading

Research Pact with AstraZeneca

Diabetes is focus of research. Photo- Alden Chadwick (creative commons)

Pharmaceuticals major AstraZeneca is investing in a US$4 million health research project covering metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, to be carried out by Brazilian universities over the next five years. For the first three year phase of the project, bids are invited by 26th June latest for the initial US$ 2.4 million in aid which will   …Continue Reading

Brazil Joins Drug Discovery “Super Network”

Kinase chemical biology holds key to advanced drug discovery

Open-access research into drug discovery has arrived in South America, with a ground-breaking collaboration between leading scientists in North America, Europe and Brazil to provide completely free and open research results to the world. British scientists from Oxford University are taking part in highly innovative research into new drugs being launched in the university city   …Continue Reading