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Good summary of Brazil's political-ethical mess:
- Saturday May 27 - 9:38am

Dangling man: The fate of Brazil’s president hangs in the balance via @TheEconomist
- Saturday May 27 - 9:31am

“G Force” Transforms the Drugs Industry
- Friday May 26 - 7:06pm

Latin America's Clean-Power Play:
- Thursday May 25 - 8:07am

“G Force” Transforms the Drugs Industry

Generics: 25% of  Brazil's drug market now "look-alikes."

Visitors to Brazil’s ubiquitous pharmacies – there seems to be one on each street corner of even the smallest town – will know that whatever the drug cited on their prescription, the sales assistant is likely to suggest a rival medication that “works much better.” Often, packaging on the proposed substitute drug bears a yellow   …Continue Reading

Scientists warn of ‘Brazilian brain drain.’

Dramatic cuts in Brazil’s state funding for scientific research threaten to simulate an exodus of scientists, leading to a significant “brain drain” as native talent heads elsewhere. This year’s 44% budget cut for the Ministry of Communications, Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTIC) is already leading to an “expulsion” of researchers whose future is threatened, according   …Continue Reading

Science to make mega-cities smarter, on a shoestring

Smart City symbols: weekend riders on São Paulo's Avenida Paulista

Not so long ago, the recipe for transforming any emerging market metropolis was to commission huge, often technically-backward infrastructure projects designed to improve collective urban wellbeing – that generally came at huge cost. No longer: inspiration for today’s Smart City is almost the opposite, allowing innovators-turned-entrepreneurs to help rebrand of the metropolis with a scattering   …Continue Reading