BIO-ENERGY Prize Offered

Brazil is inviting doctoral or postdoctoral students to submit business plans for bioenergy and bio-based projects, with a EUR 9,750 prize for the winner.

The offer is being used to attract attention to the second Brazilian Bio Energy Science and Technology Conference (BBEST) to be held October 20th-24th  in the resort of Campos de Jordão in São Paulo state.  The first event was held in the same location in 2011. You can  visit the  conference website  by clicking here.

This international conference is billed as a state-of-the-art event in the field of bioenergy. Experts will present their latest scientific as well as technological achievements, and discuss business and policy for the development of the sector.

Key topics will include:

  • Biomass
  • Biofuel Technologies
  • Alcohol Chemistry and Biorefinery
  • Engines and other Conversion Devices
  • Process Integration and Sustainability

You can find out more about the prize offered by BBEST by clicking here.  Business plans for the competition should be submitted by 20th September and should include:

–      science and technology concepts for production of a bio-renewable chemical, material and/or fuel product(s).

–      A presentation of a process design for the production process.

–      An evaluation of the feasibility of the business case, including a market and competitiveness analysis.

–      Assessment of the sustainability of the business case in a simple Life Cycle Analysis procedure.

–      A full financial plan and a plan for marketing and promotion.

–      An executive summary for investors.





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