Brazil’s Science Roadshow Set For Busy 2013


Brazilian scientists at “Fronteras de la Ciencia” Symposium in Madrid, Spain, 13-14/12/2012

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE! 2013 is shaping up to be a hectic year for Brazilian scientists heading out to show the world what their country is capable of  in terms of R&D — and where the opportunities lie for international cooperation with researchers at centers of learning around the world.

After a busy 2012 in which they toured the United States, Canada and Spain, Brazil’s technology ambassadors are heading to Asia during 2013, with trips  to Japan and China. They’ll be back in Europe too.

Watch the news video in the screen below  to see what’s happening in the fields of high energy physics, photonics and much more.


Materials science, pulsed lasers and photonics




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