California comes to Brazil

Twenty six scientists from the University of California (Davis) and their Brazilian counterparts are meeting in São Paulo 12-13th May for a conference on issues including cancer research, neuroscience, food and agriculture, materials science and topics related to water and energy.

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The FAPESP Week UC Davis in Brazil is part of an ongoing roadshow of conferences taking place around the world, sponsored by the São Paulo Research Foundation. The goal is to increase the internationalisation of Brazilian science. This time though, the roadshow is taking place at home, with UC Davis bringing its scientists and vice-chancellor for research Harris Lewin, to Brazil. In November 2014, UC Berkeley and UC Davis hosted FAPESP Week California.


The two institutions have maintained links for more than 20 years and there are currently around 60 joint projects being undertaken at universities in São Paulo state.

You can find out more about the speakers and participants of FAPESP Week UC Davis in Brazil, and the registration process, by clicking on the link:

As part of its globalisation effort, FAPESP organized symposiums and exhibitions in several countries, in cities as Washington, Morgantown, Cambridge, Charlotte, Raleigh and Chapel Hill (US), Toronto, Salamanca, Madrid, Tokyo, London, Beijing, Munich and Buenos Aires.

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