Electronic Whiteboard for Soccer Coaches

ClanSoft: Who says tech can’t be any fun?

For a quarter century, stay-at-home enthusiasts with PlayStation game consoles have been transforming themselves into fantasy football managers. But as national teams prepare for the 2018 World Cup, software has invaded the pitch too. Digital technology is helping transform professional football managers into better tacticians equipped with electronic coach whiteboards.

At training sessions, pre-match briefings or half-time pep-talks, managers were traditionally seen grasping old-fashioned clipboards to help them explain tactics or analyse plays. No longer: coaches’ electronic whiteboards using new software running on tablets or even smartphones are rapidly replacing pitch side briefings at football stadia, clubs, schools and academies.

TacticalPad 2

Electronic whiteboards sharpen up managers’ technical pep talks with players at match half time or during training sessions

The rising star among these apps is TacticalPad, a software suite developed by Brazilian company ClanSoft. The initiative was set up in 2009. Today it claims to be the game’s number one session planner and match analysis app, competing with products endorsed by Manchester United manager José Mourinho.  ClanSoft’s partners and founders (Pedro Almeida, Danilo Lacerda, and Fernando Closs) are football fanatics who turned to support from FAPESP’s financial support programme for small companies, PIPE.

“The software features simple video editing functions. After videoing game plots of their own or the opponent teams, the coach can, for example, choose free kick scenes to analyse positioning,” software engineer Pedro Almeida said. “The coach can make freehand notes on the video itself, highlighting the most important points of the move. He can also use a special projection mode whereby only the relevant content is shown in the projector,” he added.

Unsurprisingly, ClanSoft has branched into the game sphere too. As well as being used by leading clubs in Brazil, Portugal and Europe, its Tactical Pad game app boasts more than one million downloads, by recreational users as well as clubs, national teams, universities and schools.

Besides soccer, ClanSoft has created TacticalPad versions for basketball, handball and indoor soccer. The company is now looking to expand into the U.S. basketball market.

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