FAPESP Week Presentations: Climate Change (26th September)

This page is a data resource for journalists and researchers and includes some of the presentations delivered by scientists  and researchers   at FAPESP Week  London 25th-27th  September 2013.

NB All  material is copyrighted either to the original author or to FAPESP and content creators  must be acknowledged wherever cited.

Click on the links below to see slides for:

1) Paulo Eduardo Artaxo Neto, University of Sao Paulo: “Brazil-UK Network for Investigation of Amazonian  Atmospheric  Composition and Impacts on Climate.”

Click here to view presentation:Artaxo

2) Gordon McFiggans, University of  Manchester: “UK activities contributing towards UK-Brazil Network for investigation of  Amazonian atmospheric compositi0n and impacts on climate (BUNIAACIC) Network.”

Click here to view presentation: McFiggans

3) Luciana Vanni Gatti, IPEN, Brazil: “First net annual carbon balances of the Amazonian basin from in-situ vertical profile sampling.”

Click here to view presentation: LucianaVGatti

4) Harmut Boesch, University of Leicester: ‘The UK/Brazil Research Network  for an Amazonian  Carbon Observatory.”

Click here to view presentation: Boesch


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