Top judge fans flames of deforestation discontent

A war of words has broken out between Brazil’s highest court and the nation’s scientific community over the role that tropical deforestation plays in exacerbating global warming, just as a group of international experts have produced a definitive climate model pinpointing how less tropical forest means more climate change – and warning that global temperature   …Continue Reading

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Nudging Big Pharma’s Tropical Neglect

When will profits-hungry drug companies finally widen their attention from treating complex lifestyle-related diseases affecting citizens in wealthy countries, to the technically simpler task of curing infectious diseases threatening billions of poorer people in the developing world? Never – if you believe the liberal media or some NGOs that regularly lambaste listed pharmaceutical   …Continue Reading

The truth behind ‘Snakebite Therapy’

From the dusty cowboy bars of the old American West to the modern cities of South East Asia, there’s an enduring myth that a shot of rattlesnake whisky will give a man extra courage and virility. And today’s macho types flashing their rattlesnake cowboy boots in the bars of New York or Lost Angeles certainly   …Continue Reading

Aedes Aegyptii mosquito  responsible for a trio of infectious diseases

Genetic factors behind Zika scourge revealed

For a disease newly-established in popular consciousness through a rash of newspaper headlines by turns plaintive or horrifying, there are hopeful reasons to believe that in epidemiological terms, the reign of the Zika virus will be short-lived and its range limited. New research shows that, contrary to early assumptions that vulnerability to Zika was linked   …Continue Reading

Legal Framework promises to slash R&D impediments

Brazil’s federal government is making yet one more attempt to cut through the bewildering ticket of protectionist and outdated laws whose effect is to prevent academics working for publicly-funded research bodies from seeing their innovations ever being adopted by industry, or profiting from them. At the same time legal uncertainties mean that private enterprise has   …Continue Reading

Magnetic attraction for chemical processes

Kopp Technologies. A novel technology that permits manufacturers of vaccines, drugs, and cosmetics to dispense with cumbersome filters or centrifuges for the industrial processes needed to purify liquids, will soon be on the market across Latin America. It relies on adsorbents with magnetic properties to separate impurities from liquids, using porous silica magnetic microparticles. Industrial   …Continue Reading

Sustainable “Tanfastic” means “Tan Plastic”

Kosmoscience: Decades of animal testing with sunscreens or lotions has frazzled enough white lab-rats to start an ethical counter-revolution among bikini-clad sun worshippers of Rio’s famed Ipanema beach. Because Los Beautiful will no longer to buy skin care products that involve any animal testing, the cosmetic industry has had to move fast to find non-invasive   …Continue Reading

Almost all kinase structures contunue largely unresearched

Brazil enters advanced cancer drug research.

Aché Pharmaceutical: Brazil is taking early steps that should cause it to rise up the world’s cancer research rankings, thanks to a joint initiative between its leading commercial pharmaceutical company and a highly innovative drug discovery consortium. The very first fruits of Brazil’s new collaboration are now visible. Newly-published research into human kinase proteins associated   …Continue Reading

Research Pips Squeak as Funding Squeeze Tightens.

Brazil’s universities need urgent injections of cash to make up for collapsing public funding, warn senior academics seeking to convince public opinion that they represent excellent value for money and are worthy of attracting new sources of investment. Writing in the Estado de São Paulo, one of the nation’s top-selling dailies, three leading academics   …Continue Reading

Keeping your morning OJ safe and healthy

Over a decade after US agriculture authorities provoked a legal storm among wealthy homeowners in Florida by ordering the destruction of tens of thousands of healthy trees to halt a deadly tree blight called citrus canker, scientists in Brazil have just discovered exactly how this disease spreads. An article published in the journal Structure takes   …Continue Reading

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Researching in Brazil

Brazil’s best-known scientist, the veteran nuclear physicist  José Goldemberg,  in September 2015 took office as the president of  the São…

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