EU ACCESS for research jobs

New academic opportunities in Brazil are gaining greater impact by being displayed on the European Commission’s EURAXESS “Researchers in Motion” online jobs portal, regularly visited by scientists from more than 40 countries. EURAXESS was originally designed as a European Research Area (ERA) initiative providing access to a complete range of information and support services for   …Continue Reading

Quality Assurance Wakeup Call

Amber warning lights are starting to flash on the panel where Brazil’s policymakers oversee the trade-off between quality of higher education or academic research, and the funds they are investing in the sector. Brazil is making a big push to internationalise its higher education sector and quality is central to this enterprise. Education and research   …Continue Reading

Brazilian Science in California

Brazilian scientists and their US counterparts presented new research on themes ranging through Society, New Materials Health, Energy and Climate Change, at the University of California’s Berkeley and Davis centers during a weeklong symposium 17th-21st November. The California event follows a similar meeting held  during October in Washington, also sponsored by the São Paulo Research   …Continue Reading

Save People to Save Trees

The ragged army of Haitian, Senegalese, Nigerian and Bangladeshi refugees sweltering in their temporary shelters in the small Brazilian border town of Brasileia, provides a stark and poignant reminder of the chaotic and unsustainable occupation now threatening Brazil’s Amazon basin. While scientists and climatologists probe the rainforest’s more esoteric mysteries and conservationists seek to protect   …Continue Reading

Partners with Smithsonian Institution

Brazil is partnering with Washington’s  Smithsonian Institution  — the grandfather  and patron of  some of the world’s most respected scientific research. The São Paulo Research Foundation – FAPESP and the Smithsonian signed an agreement to implement scientific and technological cooperation between researchers from Smithsonian and from the State of São Paulo through joint research projects, exchange   …Continue Reading

Balloons “sniff” Amazon Skies

Researchers from the United States and Brazil are using high-altitude balloons to help them measure aerosols in the atmosphere high above the Amazon rainforest in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer. This so-called Amazon Boundary Layer (ABLE) is the new frontier in the race to fully understand the role the rainforest plays in global climate change. As   …Continue Reading

Top Obama aide endorses importance of Amazon climate change

US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz gave his endorsement to the importance of large-scale climate change studies now being executed in the Brazilian Amazon, for greater understanding of evolving world weather patterns. “We need the best minds and the best scientists to understand the changes that are taking place in the tropical forests, and the global   …Continue Reading

Lula and Dilma

Political Science: Brazilian elections result

Brazil’s leftist incumbent president Dilma Rousseff’s won re-election in a bitterly contested poll October 26th. Against a backdrop of 20 percent voter  abstention and an angry, divisive campaign, her 3% margin does not constitute a true popular mandate for the bold changes she has promised for her second term. The result of  recent congressional and    …Continue Reading

Making São Paulo more liveable

The Science of ‘Livable São Paulo’

Whether or not their subject is human geography, development economics or sociology, urban complexity is a subject close to home for scientists making their way to and from laboratories or institutes located across the sprawling city of São Paulo. As a super-conurbation of 19 million people with an inner city population of 11.4 million, São   …Continue Reading

Cheating Brazilian Scientists Exposed

Five Brazilian scientists have been “named and shamed” for plagiarism, falsification of data and poor academic conduct by the funding agency that supported their research. The result of an investigation by the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) was published on its website 7th October. You can read more (in Portuguese) by clicking here. This   …Continue Reading

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Researching in Brazil

Brazil’s best-known scientist, the veteran nuclear physicist  José Goldemberg,  in September 2015 took office as the president of  the São…

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