Brazil Brings Biofuels To Africa

As home of the world’s leading sugar-based ethanol fuel programme, Brazil is seeking to export its experience into Africa through a Global Sustainable Biofuels (GSB) initiative designed to spread alternative energy usage throughout developing nations. The Bio Energy in Africa Workshop is part of GSB and is being held April 1st-5th at South   …Continue Reading

SPIE Spies Brazilian Photonics

SPIE, the international membership organisation for optics and photonics researchers and professionals based in Bellingham, Washington, USA, publishes regular features on industry opinion formers and speakers at its regular conferences. One recent SPIE video profile documents the work of the Brazilian physicist and senior science policy figure Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz. In his role   …Continue Reading

Big Kickoff for Brazil’s “Professor Challenger”

Brazil is playing host to what’s expected to become the most widely-witnessed scientific experiment in human history, when on June 12th an estimated one billion people will watch a live demonstration of an as-yet unproven technology that blends robotics with neuroscience, in a spectacle reminiscent of James Cameron’s Avatar movie. On this day a paralysed   …Continue Reading

Chemical Probes Conference

The use of chemical probes in human and plant biology is a fast emerging area of science set to come under the spotlight at an international conference hosted by Brazil at the University of Campinas April 28-29th. This 2-day conference will showcase the latest advances in discovery, design and application of Chemical Probes in human   …Continue Reading

Joining the Endowment Fund Crowd

For university vice-chancellors and department chiefs needing to fund multi-year research projects, yet still subject to annual variations in government grants, life can be extremely stressful. The only known antidote to the ups and downs of annual grants is the endowment fund — which contributes a smooth flow of income from long-term investments accumulated thanks   …Continue Reading

Stem Cell Precursors Revealed

Scientists in Brazil are contributing to cutting-edge research into stem cell developmental biology by the prestigious Gurdon Institute at the UK’s University of Cambridge. A new study explains the way that enzymes can modify histones – the main proteins in a cell nucleus – very soon after a mammalian embryo is fertilized. This in turn   …Continue Reading

Revealed: The ‘Healthy Steak’

The “guilt-free steak” could soon be on your table, permitting dedicated carnivores to keep on indulging without driving up their cholesterol levels. New research from Latin America’s largest beef-producing country is proving that meat  known to be high in saturated fatty acids and cholesterol, can be transformed into a healthier food simply by putting additives   …Continue Reading

Guinea Pig ‘Stroke Saviour’

Figuratively speaking, laymen are regularly told that scientists need to use “guinea pigs” to test their theories – yet few would imagine that a giant version of the familiar pet animal could one day help human stroke victims. Step forward the capybara (Hydrochoeris hydrochaeris), the world’s largest rodent and a native of the South American   …Continue Reading

BRICS Choose Climate Change Champion

Science and technology ministers from BRICS nations are to meet in Fortaleza, Brazil in July 2014  when heads of state of the five nations sign a “strategic inter-governmental framework.” At the forthcoming session, Brazil will take the lead on presenting cooperation proposals for developing the science of climate change and managing natural disasters. News agencies   …Continue Reading

Web of Knowledge gets Brazilian Link

A Brazil-based open-access data system has begun offering a unique service to researchers who want to assess the impact of their work beyond the restricted channels of commercial academic publishing. Scientists can assess the online impact of their publications in Latin America, Spain, Portugal, the Caribbean and South Africa using the new citation index from   …Continue Reading

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Researching in Brazil

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