Watch this live webstream from London’s Royal Society

UK Science and Universities Minister David Willetts MP is opening FAPESP Week, a symposium on Brazil-UK scientific cooperation held in London.

Brazil Flirts with Internet Isolationism

US news agency Associated Press reports that Brazil is planning to cut itself off from free-flowing global information traffic and adopt “internet isolation” by divorcing itself from the U.S.-centric Internet. Brazilian President Dilma Roussef has cancelled a trip to Washington  to visit the White  House, as a protest against US surveillance and abuses of   …Continue Reading

São Paulo on World Science Map

Science and technology in the State of São Paulo is on the rise, a senior Brazilian  policymaker told a conference  in London attended by UK and European scientists. Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz, the Scientific Director of  Brazil’s leading regional resarch funding agency, FAPESP, told the audience at London’s prestigious Royal Siciety  during  the forthcoming   …Continue Reading

Southern Hemisphere Climate Change Champion

Brazil has developed a scientific model for analysing climate change and its effects on the southern hemisphere that will contribute to global research coordinated by the IPCC. So far, most of this research has focused on the northern hemisphere. Research has shown that Brazil is likely to suffer significantly from climate change. You can  read   …Continue Reading

Brazilian Science Stepping Onto The London Stage

Brazil’s scientists are taking a decisive step to widen public awareness of their potential,  stepping onto the very same stage  where historic breakthroughs were announced by giants of science including Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and latterly, Stephen Hawking. Since its foundation in 1660 London’s Royal Society has been one of the world’s most prestigious venues   …Continue Reading

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Brazilian Biofuels Take Off

Global aviation industry leaders and research scientists in Brazil have defined the pathways for new generations of sustainable biofuels needed to power the US$ 3.8 trillion per year industry, if it is to meet targets halving its carbon emissions over the next 35 years. In 2009 the world’s consumption  of aviation fuel was around   …Continue Reading

Synthetic Biology draws world experts

      Brazil is hosting a conference on synthetic  biology for  biomass and biofuels production — the so-called ‘Ethanol 2.0′ industry. The event takes place  August 21, 22nd  in Sao Paulo. The event is hosted by the University of Sao Paulo, and takes place in the auditorium of the  prestigious new Jose Mindlin   …Continue Reading

Brazil bucks austerity trend with US$680m cash for science

  Brazil’s leading regional research funding institution has announced a new US$680 million package of long-term investment in 17 cutting-edge areas of scientific knowledge, ranging from neurotechnology, stem cell research and biomedicine, right through to molecular physics. What’s unique about the initiative, announced  May 15th by the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) is that it   …Continue Reading

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There’s Gold in Brazilian Universities

A US$ 6 billion mega-merger of  commercially-driven universities  in Brazil has highlighted the  expectations that US investors are putting on the higher education market in Latin America’s academic leader nation. International attention is focusing on  a society where social ascension is determined by  quality education, and demand  hugely exceeds supply. At a time when Brazil’s    …Continue Reading

Coffee perks up Brazil’s migratory birds

You might be tempted to think that any attempt to link coffee with sustainability, would be a marketing stunt that’s “strictly for the birds.” You’d be wrong – and this is a sustainability story playing itself out on one highly innovative coffee plantation in the agribusiness heartland of São Paulo state. Birds themselves have become   …Continue Reading

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Researching in Brazil

Brazil’s best-known scientist, the veteran nuclear physicist  José Goldemberg,  in September 2015 took office as the president of  the São…

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