‘Graphene Godfather’ makes a disruptive Brazilian play

One scientist has earned his right to the title ‘Godfather of Graphene.’ This miracle carbon substance is now attracting tens of billions of dollars in research funding, both public and private, as countries engage in a new arms race to develop technologies that promise to consign today’s micro-electronics and display technology to the scrapheap. Before   …Continue Reading

From Forest to Face: Beauty seeking sustainable supply-chains

For decades Brazil has been the butt of international criticism for its aggressive and often illegal deforestation of the Amazon forest. But the nation is now turning the page on this smoke-wreathed past by emphasizing its new credentials as the guardian of around 20% of global biodiversity – and a sustainable provider of some of   …Continue Reading

Brazilian rainforest reveals new plant-based “super antioxidant”

A new plant-based antioxidant with five times the power of similar natural remedies is set to cause a major stir in the health and beauty sector, according to Brazilian plant scientists. The new wonder-extract is Juçara, collected from the berries of a palm that grows only in Brazil’s Atlantic coastal rainforest. It   …Continue Reading

Brazil Scientists Head for Tokyo

Brazil’s research scientists are beginning their international  cooperation program  for 2013 with a visit to Tokyo 15-16 March for a joint Japan-Brazil Symposium on Research Collaboration to be held at at Rikkyo University. The two-day event  covers the fields of: Culture and Society; 文化と社会 Economy and Development 経済と開発 Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation   …Continue Reading

Sao Paulo is building a  Synchrotron 'Light Laboratory' at Campinas.

$325 m Light Laboratory Promises Top Table Seat

Brazil is breaking ground on construction of a US$ 325 million “light laboratory” for high energy particle studies. The third generation Synchrotron is to be built at Campinas  University campus near São Paulo, and  will replace Brazil’s  15-year old device, which  is still the only  Synchrotron in Latin America. It will   …Continue Reading

$500,000 Prize for Brazil’s ‘Green Energy Guru.’

Veteran Brazilian scientist and educational policymaker Dr. José Goldemberg has received a prestigious Zayed Future Energy Prize from the ruler of Abu Dhabi. Physicist Dr. Goldemberg, who was both minister of education and environment secretary in Brazil’s federal government as well as holding the post of rector of São Paulo University, received a lifetime achievement   …Continue Reading

Amazon forest

Amazon Forest Census Announced

Brazil’s federal government has announced plans for what could become  one of the world’s most significant and politically sensitive  environmental surveys — a mapping of all the trees in the Amazon rainforest. With  almost 60% of Brazil still enjoying its original forest cover, this could open up a new golden age   …Continue Reading

Brazil and the “next industrial revolution:” Synthetic Biology

  Synthetic Biology is the hot new ticket in Life Sciences and beyond, with research establishments in developed and developing countries piling aboard the new discipline. No surprise then, that Brazil is also climbing onto the bandwagon.  The University of São Paulo  (USP) has recently set up USP SynBio, a Synthetic   …Continue Reading

Spain’s Leading Newspaper Profiles Brazilian Science

“We need scientists and foreigners are welcome” runs the headline to a lengthy article in Spain’s leading daily El Pais,  summarising the appeal of  a foreign research posting for  members of Spain’s cash-strapped scientific community.   The report —  prepared by the paper’s widely respected  science reporter Alicia Rivera —  leads   …Continue Reading

“Country of Future” is Big Present for Researchers

  “We’re inviting Spanish researchers to come to Brazil,”  reads the headline in Materia, a leading science website published in Spain. The article  suggests that the cynical old saying  (attributed to France’s General de Gaulle) that ‘Brazil is the country of the future — and always will be,’ is now being consigned to history as   …Continue Reading

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Researching in Brazil

Brazil’s best-known scientist, the veteran nuclear physicist  José Goldemberg,  in September 2015 took office as the president of  the São…

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