Mobile phones deliver eye care anywhere

Phelcom Technologies A visit to the ophthalmology clinic or to the opticians’ is an unheard-of luxury for tens of millions of people in rural regions around the world whose sight may be impaired. In Brazil alone, four million people have serious visual impairment, and 1.23 million are blind. 23% of the population will never get   …Continue Reading

Silver turns gold for novel food packaging

Nanox Tecnologia It’s not for nothing that a privileged few are said to be born “with a silver spoon in their mouth.” Since ancient times, when princes and the powerful first chose to eat with silver cutlery rather than utensils made of base metal, it’s been known that silver has some important bactericidal and fungicidal   …Continue Reading

Bovine Biotech delivers $22 million payout

In Vitro Brasil In the world of innovative startup companies, there’s no greater proof of business maturity than a successful trade sale to international investors – a multi-million dollar feat achieved so far by just a tiny handful of Brazil’s scientist-entrepreneurs. Notable among these is In Vitro Brasil, a high-tech bovine embryo business servicing the   …Continue Reading

Captive balloons  bring internet connectivity to remote area. Photo by FAPESP.

Balloons bring ‘internet of things’ to remote areas

Altave Captive balloons tethered around 200m above ground transmitting broadband signals are a cost-effective solution for areas without internet coverage – whether due to natural disasters in developing nations, remoteness or just low population density. Internet-based telemetry in uninhabited areas (or the ‘internet of things’) is vital for many activities – including agribusiness and forestry,   …Continue Reading

Brazil’s startup grants no PIPE-dream for innovators.

A gallery of successful startups – all made and financed in Brazil. For the last 20 years, scientist-entrepreneurs ready to launch innovative startups in Brazil have enjoyed over US$115 million worth of support from an “angel investor” with a difference – this one expects no return on risk capital. Since starting operations in São Paulo   …Continue Reading

Goals Getting Harder to Reach

A striking aerial photograph of the Vitória-Trindade Seamount Chain, set in mid-Atlantic ocean some 1,000 kms off the south American coastline, summarizes Brazil’s current ambivalent attitude to the valuable scientific research it is generating. The uninhabited islands of Trindade and Martin Vaz are the peaks of this seamount chain stretching along the ocean floor from   …Continue Reading

Relative Rise of Regional Science Funder

Despite a prolonged economic recession that has played havoc with public spending budgets of all kinds, Brazil’s leading research council outside the federal sphere managed to hold its funding for science projects steady in dollar terms. In 2016 the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) invested R$1.13 billion in almost 25,000 research projects, valued at US$533.9   …Continue Reading

Brazil Tech Innovation Gallery

We profile Brazil’s emerging generation of scientist-entrepreneurs, their discoveries, their companies and their financial backers. Applied science makes the world go around, driving trade and investment while serving as the motor of social, economic and even political transformation. In tougher economic times, science must pay its way by delivering value. That means serving the needs   …Continue Reading

Making the Smart City Liveable

There’s a huge new global mission for applied science: dismantling the dystopian impetus that is making our megacities less and less tolerable for human life. And to re-humanize the city, scientists are reaching for statistical tools, while relying increasingly on advanced computer science. If transforming the megalopolis into a Smart City has become a multi-disciplinary   …Continue Reading

“Brexit Dividend” for Brazil science ties

There’s a faint yet distinct promise of a “Brexit Dividend” for scientists in both Brazil and the UK who have watched their budget allocations for research beset by uncertainty over the last 24 months – and for whom the future is fraught with anxiety. The beneficiaries will be researchers working in applied science fields, as   …Continue Reading

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Researching in Brazil

Brazil’s best-known scientist, the veteran nuclear physicist  José Goldemberg,  in September 2015 took office as the president of  the São…

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