China-Brazil Cooperation Promised

Petrodollars promise to oil the wheels of science cooperation with China, as Brazil finds an eager new customer for its offshore petroleum wealth, and the two nations press ahead with industrialization. In Brasilia 17th June during the state visit of China’s premier Xi Jinping, Beijing’s Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang told his Brazilian counterpart   …Continue Reading

Biodiversity Goes Online

Brazil’s biodiversity is now contributing significantly to the archives of the World Heritage Library, an online project covering museums, botanical institutes and research institutions in covering South Africa, Australia, Brazil, China, Egypt, the US, and Europe. Together they have digitalized more than 45 million pages from over 159,000 publications held by the consortium’s member libraries.   …Continue Reading

Big Star Project Launched

Brazil is taking its place as member of the 11-member international consortium building the Giant Magellan Telescope, which will be the world’s largest. Start-up funding of US$500 million has been agreed, but the final cost could be nearer US$ 1.05 billion. In early June the consortium announced it was making the formal go-ahead and would   …Continue Reading

Brazil-US: The Love-in Resumes

In science – as well in as matters economic and diplomatic  – Brazil’s much interrupted love-in with the US,  looks safely back on track after years of prickliness. Brazil’s science minister Aldo Rebelo is seeking to energize academic links with the United States as one means of boosting much-needed technological innovation, into the bargain countering his country’s   …Continue Reading

“Beautiful Mind” Visited Brazil

Nobel Prize-winning mathematician John Nash, who died in a road accident 24th May, visited Brazil in  July 2014 for a mathematical conference and gave one of the last interviews of his life in São Paulo. US mathematician John Nash, 86, who inspired the Oscar-winning film A Beautiful Mind,  died together with his wife when their   …Continue Reading

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UK Award for Brazilian Science Leader

The growing importance of scientific links between the UK and Brazil has been recognized with an award to the senior policymaker and administrator who has done most to bring scientists in the two countries together. Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz, science director of the São Paulo Research Foundation was awarded an OBE medal by Britain’s   …Continue Reading

‘Biopiracy’ Law Relaxed

Brazil has moved to relax a draconian 15-year old law against “biopiracy” that had the unintended consequence of halting much international research into the plant-based biodiversity of Latin America’s largest nation. Nationalist sensitivity and excessive bureaucracy have been slowing down Brazil’s ability to harness its own rich biodiversity, while indigenous communities – supposed to benefit   …Continue Reading

Battling Neglected Tropical Diseases

Leprosy, Chagas Disease, Leishmaniasis, Schistosomiasis, and Dengue Fever, plus a host of emerging tropical viruses and intestinal infections may occupy both epidemiologists and public attention less than classical infections affecting the northern hemisphere. But this group of diseases imposes a significant burden on developing countries like Brazil, which is mentioned by the WHO as home   …Continue Reading

Brazil Comes to Barcelona

Brazilian scientists held one day conference in Barcelona, Spain, 29th May, together with Catalonia’s Institució CERCA (Centres de Recerca de Catalunya). The event was held at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site. The conference, which forms part of the FAPESP week series of international symposia that have been held across Europe, the Americas and Asia   …Continue Reading

“Natural Synergies” for Multi-disciplinary Research

Scientists from California will carry out a two-year programme of cooperation with Brazilian counterparts in multi-disciplinary research areas covering food, water, society, health, energy, the environment, transportation and materials. The agreement was announced in São Paulo by Harris Lewin, Vice-Chancellor for Research at University of California Davis, during a two day symposium (12-13 May) at   …Continue Reading

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Researching in Brazil

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