Hernan Chaimovich: Exemplary choice for top science post

New Scientific Research Chief

A biochemist from Chile with an active career in science policy management at universities in São Paulo, has been named as the new head of Brazil’s federal research funding agency CNPq. Hernan Chaimovich’s appointment as president of CNPq (Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPq) in Brasilia, has been welcomed by scientists, thanks in   …Continue Reading

Latin focus for astrophysics

Latin American research into astro-particle physics and high energy cosmic rays is set to pass a crucial milestone in 2015, when the location is chosen for a huge new radio-astronomy observatory in the southern hemisphere. At the same time an existing facility in Argentina is receiving an important upgrade to boost its ability to measure   …Continue Reading

Brazilian Science Minister Rebelo: "bold cooperation"

Aldo Rebelo: Bark or Bite?

Scientists and foreign observers are puzzling over the seemingly-incongruous choice of a climate change skeptic with a stridently nationalist technology agenda, as Brazil’s new Science Minister. Since January the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation has been headed by veteran leftist Aldo Rebelo. The marks a significant shift after years during which the portfolio was   …Continue Reading

Education: Promise to Pay?

In her inaugural speech January 1st 2015, re-elected Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff promised “a country of education” as the key theme for her second administration. Academics and scientists might take that as a sign that education will finally enjoy its long-awaited day in the sunshine of presidential favour. A golden age of research should be   …Continue Reading

Climate Change studies: area for US-Brazil cooperation

São Paulo’s ‘Sky River’ runs dry.

Summer has come and  at long last it’s raining heavily in densely populated southern Brazil  and its biggest city São Paulo — but not enough to dispel effects of a long-lasting drought that has exasperated  city-dwellers, worried farmers – and caught politicians and planners on the back foot.  These two videos explain why  changes in   …Continue Reading

Go-ahead for Light Synchrotron

Brazilian officials have signed the contract to begin construction of the building housing a new light synchrotron on campus at the University of Campinas in São Paulo. The new particle accelerator named Sirius is expected to take 3 years to build and will cost BR$510 million (US$ 192 million). Its key components are being designed   …Continue Reading

A Brief History of Mud

“Mud, mud, glorious mud; Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood,” runs the chorus of the 1950’s era Hippopotamus Song by the comic duo Flanders and Swan. And, oceanographers find, there’s nothing quite like it for uncovering the history of continents and their changing weather systems. That’s been the ten-year mission of the Oceanographic   …Continue Reading

Online Access Opens Divisions

A proposal from the Brazilian federal government to hire a consortium of international commercial publishers to increase the visibility of scientific research papers in 100 selected journals, has drawn an angry response from local science editors, and from the managers of Brazil’s own world-leading open-access publisher. Critics say the ill-considered move would undermine what is   …Continue Reading

African invader does US$5 billion in damage worldwide.

Biocontrols against African Invader

An insect pest named the cotton bollworm that originated in Africa, is causing havoc with crops in Brazil, prompting a nation that’s already a significant user of pesticides, to find novel means of eradicating the alien intruder. The cotton bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera, is known in Asia, Europe and the Pacific. Globally it does around US$5   …Continue Reading

Mud 1

Rainmakers Wanted

Tucked somewhere between the regional handicraft items and Amazonian Indian artifacts on view in Brazil’s better tourist shops, you will find the Pau de Chuva. This “Rain Stick” looks like any other fat walking stick, until you pick it up and shake it. Then, a pleasing mellifluous rustle is heard as hundreds of tiny shells   …Continue Reading

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Researching in Brazil

Brazil’s best-known scientist, the veteran nuclear physicist  José Goldemberg,  in September 2015 took office as the president of  the São…

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