Rio Hosts World Science Forum



The World Science Forum held a weeklong conference in Rio de Janeiro, hosted by the Brazilian Academy of Sciences.

You can read a full report of the event and its conclusions by clicking here.

The sixth edition of the WSF took place from Monday November 24 to November 27 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The event is biennial and  was created in Hungary.  This is the first time the Forum is not organized in Hungary.

You can read a (Portuguese language) assessment of the  Forum’s achievements by clicking here.

You can see the programme by clicking here. You can see the profiles of speakers by clicking here.

The Forum was hosted by the Brazilian Academy of Sciences in partnership with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, UNESCO, ICSU, EASAC and AAAS.

The main theme of the 2013 World Science Forum was “Science for Global Sustainable Development”. Reports say the focus of the event was international cooperation.

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