Spain’s Leading Newspaper Profiles Brazilian Science

“We need scientists and foreigners are welcome” runs the headline to a lengthy article in Spain’s leading daily El Pais,  summarising the appeal of  a foreign research posting for  members of Spain’s cash-strapped scientific community.


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The report —  prepared by the paper’s widely respected  science reporter Alicia Rivera —  leads the “Sociedad” section. It  comments that the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo has successfully pioneered  a model of  funding for R&D research that the Spain has  tried, yet so far failed, to implement.  The article also observes that the proportion of  private sector funding in the state’s R&D budget (66%)  is also substantially higher than that in Spain (44%). In fact, notes the reporter,  Sao Paulo state now invests more than Spain itself in R&D.

The article takes the form of a Q&A between the reporter and  Carlos Henrique De Brito Cruz, scientific director of FAPESP, the Sao Paulo Research Institute. In December 2012  a team of FAPESP scientists visited  Salamanca and Madrid to raise awareness of the opportunities Brazil provides for  visiting foreign researchers.

Click HERE  to read article in El Pais newspaper (in Spanish)


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