‘Times Higher’ Shows Brazilian Universities Rising




The trusted Times High Education rankings highlight the rising influence of   newer universities around the world in the 2012 rankings released mid 2012.

In Brazil, three universities in the most economically advanced state of São Paulo, receive notable mentions.

For reputation, São Paulo university ranks in the top 70 universities worldwide and in term of overall excellence  it is placed  178th out of the rankings of all universities worldwide.

Unicamp State University of Campinas (São Paulo state) ranks 44th in list of top 100 universities under  50 years old.

UNESP University of State of São Paulo ranks 99th in same list of newcomers

“As nations across the globe focus on the establishment of world-class universities as essential elements of a dynamic economy, our rankings are increasingly employed as a tool for governments to set national policy,” says the survey.

As Clark Kerr, the first chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley, noted of the  results for the “100 under 5”: In recent years, the recognition that higher education is part and parcel of national competitive advantage, coupled with the impetus given by global rankings, has led to a change in the way governments and institutional leaders look at the role and importance of universities. There is growing belief that with proper leadership and investment, existing universities that have never sat at the global top table can be drastically transformed over a relatively short period into world-class institutions. Evidence from recent case studies, however, shows that while not impossible, upgrading existing institutions to such status poses greater challenges than developing world-class universities from scratch.”


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